A strategic growth partner and thought leader

We believe independent ObGyn and specialty women’s groups are vital to shaping the innovative solutions that will improve the quality of health care, lower costs, and deliver more value to the patient. As a strategic growth partner and thought leader, our sole focus is to empower our physician colleagues with the capital and resources to provide the best care possible for women at all stages of life. At Women’s Health USA, our standards are high. We partner with the best providers in the country, and then work to make them stronger and more profitable, through a customizable partnership model that translates into outcomes that outperform national benchmarks on cost and quality.

Dedicated to independent practices since the beginning

In 1997, Robert Patricelli and a group of healthcare executives were introduced to a group of physician leaders in Connecticut who were seeking to create a large “group practice without walls” in the ObGyn field. In a single day, the largest single-specialty and first significant partnership merger in women’s health took place. Women’s Health USA, Inc. was created to support ObGyn and other women’s health providers with comprehensive services that streamline and improve business operations. Today, Women’s Health USA is the leading physician practice management company dedicated to women’s health. For over 20 years we have successfully supported independent practices to achieve outstanding results and have established Women’s Health USA as the premier strategic growth partner for women’s health providers. Today, Women’s Health USA serves over 600 physicians throughout the United States.

Core values


Your life and time are invaluable. We want to unleash your desire to do good work, because that makes a positive impact on others and motivates us all to achieve the best results possible for the moment.


We are passionate about unleashing the creative intelligence of partners and employees. Channeled creativity leads to powerful solutions and more effective ways of accomplishing good things.


We will not succeed as an organization without being willing to work hard. But we need inspiration to keep pursuing excellence. Our values drive us to continue improving the quality care delivered by our partner-providers.


We will conduct ourselves with integrity to earn the listening ear of others, including our provider partners. We trust in the good of others and are unafraid to listen and be influenced by another’s point of view.


Teamwork for teamwork’s sake is not a high value. We are open to working with others outside our expertise in order to achieve better outcomes. Yet, each of us is accountable to the task at hand.


Candor is foundational to building relationships of trust. It is also essential in discovering ideas that produce lasting results. We seek to be accountable and follow the truth wherever it leads us.

Our Six Aims

We are driven to shape the direction of the women's healthcare market by:

Improving the patient experience and the provider’s experience in delivering better patient care

Enhancing the health of a provider’s patient community and the financial health of their practice

Reducing the costs of patient care for patient, payer and employer

Reducing a provider’s operating costs as they deliver the best care possible

Creating a culture that rewards providers financially for achieving better outcomes

Building the infrastructure for added ways to generate more income for providers

We’re an alliance of fiercely independent providers unified to excel at women’s care

Approximately 250 providers
90 network locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts
Partners since 1997
Over 90 providers
20 office locations throughout Austin and San Antonio
Partners since 2018
Over 80 providers
20 office locations throughout southern Nevada 
Partners since 2020
Aligned with independent practice in California
Over 25 providers
Partners since 2017
55 providers
11 office locations throughout Phoenix
Partners since 2016
Aligned with 6 independent practices in New Jersey
15 providers
Partners since 2017
15 providers
4 office locations throughout Central Massachusetts
Partners since 2019
6 providers
3 office locations throughout southern Nevada
Partners since 2020

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