December 17, 2020

Women’s Health USA Expands Use of Dorsata’s Obstetrics Platform to Groups in Arizona, Massachusetts and Texas

Dorsata and Women’s Health USA have agreed to expand their relationship and to deploy Dorsata’s platform across multiple new Women’s Health USA ObGyn practices in Texas, Massachusetts, and Arizona.  The expansion is one of Dorsata’s most important expansions to date, as it increases both the number of geographies and the number of ObGyns it serves materially. Women’s Health USA participated in Dorsata’s Series-A funding round in April 2020.

“We are thrilled that on the heels of our successful funding round the momentum for Dorsata continues to grow, as we expand our relationship with Women’s Health USA, marking one of our most meaningful partnership expansions to date,” said David Fairbrothers, CEO and co-founder, Dorsata. “We remain fiercely committed to a platform that improves the quality, safety and value of obstetrical care. This partnership allows us to capitalize on that commitment and support the ObGyn community and the expecting mothers it serves in exciting new geographies.”

Women’s Health USA currently uses Dorsata to care for about 14,000 patients each month, demonstrating approximately 33% growth year over year. Further, Dorsata has been used to support multiple pay-for-performance incentive programs with several payors in Connecticut, resulting in meaningful financial rewards year-over-year, including 20+% increased annual revenue from one payor.

“Our organization has been with Dorsata since day one, believing the technology platform enhances our ability to adhere to superior standards for safe, evidence-based patient care. Women’s Health USA is expanding its relationship because we have seen Dorsata dramatically improve our capability to clinically manage thousands of pregnancies and to mine a wealth of data – helping us deliver a meaningful shift toward value-based care. We look forward to the next chapter of our partnership together.” said Dr. Matthew Saidel, who serves as Chief Medical Officer for Women’s Health USA.

Dorsata serves more than 1,700 clinical users nationwide, ranging from solo practitioners to large women’s health groups. The company embeds in a practice’s electronic health record (EHR) and delivers an unparalleled experience for obstetrics that includes rules-based care planning. The platform was built with ObGyn workflow and patient safety in mind. Dorsata’s advanced clinical rules engine improves diagnosis, treatment, and documentation making day-to-day patient care experience a delight. The platform’s advanced analytics empower women’s health groups to measure clinical improvement and report on adherence to best practices as well as outcomes.

About Women’s Health USA

Women’s Health USA is a provider of value-based care and practice management services to more than 600 women’s health providers across seven states. Given its focus on women, paired with dynamic growth, Women’s Health USA is playing an influential role in developing innovative, value-based modes of care delivery. For 22 years, the company has successfully implemented growth strategies and driven streamlined operations, as well as strategies in managed care, ancillary services, market leadership and risk management. Its unique partnership model enables women’s health groups to operate independently, while leveraging the resources and influence of a national organization. To learn more, please visit

About Dorsata

Dorsata is a women’s health company with technology that supports clinical decision-making and the creation of real-world data sets. Dorsata’s technology embeds directly within the electronic health record workflow to greatly enhance maternity care, patient safety, and practice management. Dorsata pairs both evidence-based guidance with advanced care gap and outcomes analytics to assure consistent and high-quality care in the busy office setting. The platform was built to bring the science of medicine to the point of care, thereby capturing important clinical data, improving diagnosis, treatment, and reporting, making the day-to-day experience in obstetrics a delight. The company is based in Arlington, VA.