Advancing care and improving quality is our highest priority

Through partnership, we support independent physicians in the pursuit of clinical excellence. We help develop the necessary infrastructure to enable physicians to excel in value-based care. In our history, we’ve pioneered and beta-tested the use of new technologies and created numerous clinical protocols that decrease clinical variation among our partner providers.

We’re a partnership committed to physician empowerment

As a supporting resource for physicians, we are advocates for higher standards that meet changing patient demand, optimize patient access to care and improve the patient experience. We pursue values-driven solutions that help physicians and collaborative providers to be clinical innovators - increasing efficiency, reducing unnecessary procedures, lowering costs, while enhancing the joy of delivering quality patient care.

We create forums for thought leadership – together

We have created a team of providers and operations people who continually review clinical data and research clinical innovations to provide invaluable insights and more effective workflows to our partners. Additionally, we have established a National Physicians Advisory Council which meets quarterly. This council brings together leaders from each independent organization to discuss and recommend best practices.

We’re driven to improve patient safety

Women’s Health USA has been designated as a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) by the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This designation recognizes our efforts to promote a safety culture for our provider groups. It also recognizes the risk management efforts we have put in place, the safeguards we’ve established to protect data, and the processes we’ve created that improve patient safety.

Our status as a PSO enables us to serve as an independent external expert. It encourages and enables us as a healthcare provider to safely report and share information about vulnerabilities within the healthcare system, to learn how and why safety events are occurring, and to develop insights into effective methods to improve quality and prevent future occurrences.

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